2014 London Short Film Festival

2014 Edinburgh International Film Festival

2014 British Shorts Berlin

​2013 Castellinaria Film Festival


2017​FIPA Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels
2015 Wisconsin Film Festival

2016 Premiers Plans d'Angers (Angers Film Festival)
2016 Traildance Film Festival
2016 Interrobang Film Festival
2016 Illinifest **GRAND JURY WINNER**
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2015 Remi Winner WorldFest-Houston ​International Film Festival
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2015 Weyauwega International Film Festival

"Dog Days" (2014) - 15:25

A coming of age story about a missing dog and a boring summer day.

Starring: Joran & Clayton Backes

Writer/Director: Nathan Deming

Producer: Aslak Danbolt


Synopsis: A young Christian searching to grow in his faith signs up for a summer long church internship in Chicago.

Starring: Scott Hennelly, Tyler Esselman, William Walton, Pete Schwaba, William French, Charlie Lubeck, Drew Kutnick, Ali Abraham, Kelsey Risher, Sedra

Director: Nathan Deming

Written by: Lawrie Doran & Nathan Deming

Crazy (Short Film Trailer) from Nathan Deming on Vimeo.

CRAZY (2015)

THE PLOT...Sarah comes home to find her crazy ex- asleep on on her balcony. Hilarity ensues.

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2016 Breakthroughs Film Festival
2015 Citizen Jane Festival

​2015 Sydney Indie Film Festival

"Tongues" (2013) - 18:29

A short film about religion and sex.

Starring: William French, Michelle Lehane, Stephen Christos

Writer/Director: Nathan Deming

Producer: Jonathan Brostoff

 nathan deming ​  writer/director 

"The Idea of Growing Old" (2014)

Starring: Heather Bowling, Zach Luna

Writer/Director: Alyssa Stratton

Producer: Scott Kim

Editor: Nathan Deming

"Crazy" (2015) - 13:40

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Sarah comes home at 6 in the morning to find her ex- asleep on her balcony.

Starring: Heather Petersen, William French

Writer/Director: Nathan Deming

Producer: William French


​2017 Los Angeles Comedy Festival 365
2017 Windy City Film Festival

2016 Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival

​2016 Lone Star Film Festival